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Elevation: 2067 masl (6,781 ft)
Location: Central Bosnia and Herzegovina
Range: Dinaric Alps
Coordinates: 43°42′56″N 18°17′05″E


is a mountain in central Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is found directly to the southwest of Sarajevo. Bjelasnica's tallest peak rises to an elevation of 2067 meters (6782 feet). The mountain range stretches from Sarajevo to Konjic and includes a range of traditional Bogomil and Bosnian villages, watermills, canyons, waterfalls, lakes, and mountain huts. You can climb Bjelasnica mountain whole year.

Meteorological Observatory 2067 m, (built in 1894, as the first in B-H), offers marvellous views on surrounding mountains. During the 1984 Winter Olympics, Bjelasnica hosted the men's alpine skiing events. Close to observatory was a starting point for ski competitions (downhill) with a cable car. Near the top there is a monument to 7 young mountaineers who lost their lives in December 1962.

It is a popular tourist attraction for hiking and skiing. The base area has several structures dating from that time, including hotels and skiing areas.
While large tracts of lush forest hug the base of the mountain range, no forest will be found above the 1500 meter tree line. The serenity of the landscape is apparent immediately upon arrival. Numerous trails for mountaineers have been marked and are maintained. The mountain's name stems from the root “bijel”, which means "white".

A large part of the mountains is covered with forests made of many different types of trees. The largest area is taken up by the beech-tree forests, within which smaller forests of beech-trees and fir-tree with spruce can be found. The oak-tree forests are located in warmer parts. The great importance of these forests lies first and foremost in their generally valuable functions such as: protective, hydrological, climatic, hygienic-health, tourism-recreation, educational and defensive functions of the forest. Of all above-mentioned functions of the forest tourism and recreation function should be emphasized because this forest area represents an ideal ambience for vacation and recreation for every season. Also, these large forest areas are a guarantee for clean air in this region, which is characterized by high percent of basic oxygen, which is rare in these parts of Europe.


Rakitnica Canyon

One of the greatest and the most beautiful destinations in Bosnia and Herzegovina is the canyon of river Rakitnica. Its one of the biggest tributary streams of river Neretva. Almost at the very beginning of the canyon, more specifically downstream from the narrow passage called "Buturov prolaz", at the height of 400m "Studeni potok" precipitates in a form of a waterfall making a few cascades and it represents one of the biggest attractions of Rakitnica canyon.


There is a many mountain huts:

Mountain hut (940 masl) was built in 1951. After a fire in 1999 adapted. It has 10 beds, living room and kitchen. Equipped with running water and electricity

Mountain hut (1350 masl) was built in 1952 at the bottom of a high rock - Gradina, so "Podgradina" means "under the rock". It has 20 beds, a common room, a kitchen, a water tank, a well near the house and electricity from a generator.

Mountain hut (1498 masl) was built in 1948. Torn down because ofits dilapidation, and in its place a new hut is being built with 20 beds, a common room and a kitchen. Near the hut there is a little brook.

Mountain hut (1585 masl) built in 1949 in the middle of Bjelasnica, between the forest and mountain pastures, it offers a pretty view on surrounding hills.

Mountain hut at the altitude of 1730 masl, was built in 1949. It has 20 beds, a common room, a kitchen and a well in front of the hut.

Mountain hut, at the altitude of 1965 masl, with 15 beds and a kitchen. Built in 1950 at the top of one of the peaks of Bjelasnica, Velika Hranisava, it offers marvellous views on surrounding landscape. (Currently not in use)

masl = meters above sea level


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