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  • Elevacija: 7864 ft / 2386 masl
  • Lokacija: Centralna Bosna i Hercegovina (B&H and Montenegro)
  • Europe Područje: Dinarske Alpe
  • Koordinate: Lat. 43.16000°N / Lon. 18.44000°E

Maglic is the highest although not the largest mountain in Bosnia and Herzegovina and one of the most beautiful mountain of Montenegro. One part of Maglić massif is placed on Bosnia & Herzegovina side, while it's second part is on Montenegrin territory. Maglić peak has two summits, Bosanski Maglić (2386 m) peak on Bosnia & Herzegovina side and Crnogorski Maglić (2388 m) on Montenegrin side, which is 2 m higher then Bosanski Maglić summit on Bosnia&Herzegovina side. But, officially, the pride of the highest summit of Mt Maglić belong to Bosanski Maglić (2386 m), even that the Crnogorski Maglić (2388 m) is 2 m higher. Montenegrin part of Maglić massif is decorated by amazing beauty of Trnovačko Jezero (Trnovačko Lake), one of the most beautiful of Montenegro.

Maglić massif is located about 20 km on the southwest from the city Foca near the border with Montenegro. On Montenegrin side, the nearest place to Maglic; is Mratinje town. The mountain is on the north and west bordered by river Sutjeska, on the southwest by mountain Volujak, on the east by rivers Drina and Piva and on the south by valley Mratinjska Uvala.

All hillsides, except northwestern, are very steep and overgrown with coniferous and beech trees. Forest line is approx. at altitude of 1600 m. Above is plateau with excellent pastures. Many summits and ridges raise from the plateau – the most important are Vučevo (Crni Vrh 1591m), Rujevac (1835m), Sniježnica (1804m), Prijevor (Makaze 1668m), Mratinjska Gora (1576m) and the Maglic; ridge itself (2388m).

The foothill and the hillsides are rich with water but the plateau isn’t. There is a spring at Dragos Sedlo (just below the road) - near the monument to Nurija Pozderac (war hero from World War II). There are springs on both Rujevac and Ulobic but it’s dry in late summer. The most plentiful is a spring in Carev Do that never dries out.

There are no permanent settlements on the mountain. Before the war, during summer, many shepherds came with flocks of sheep on the plateau but now (after the war) I don’t remember I’ve seen a single one.

The most attractive point of Maglic is definitelly its main ridge with the highest summit. The summit is accessible only from southern side overgrown with grass and mountain pine. All other hillsides are steep, barren and rocky. The view from the summit is just marvellous – first of all to neigbouring Volujak and Bioc and Trnovacko Lake, but also to Durmitor (in Montenegro) and other bosnian mountains on north and northwest.

Trnovacko lake is particularly beautiful – at height of 1700 m, long 700m and wide 400m, squeezed among Maglic, Volujak and Bioc whose ridges slope to the lake valley. It’s open only to the north toward wooded Vratnice. Colour of the lake is amazing green-blue.


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