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Sarajevo citizens’ favourite excursion sites of all times

There is the extensive plateau North of Sarajevo stretching on a large area. Average attitude of the highland is from 800 to 1000 masl and most of the hills with local mountain tag are located there such as: Tvrtkovac, Tajan, Lipnica, Karasanovina, Zvijezda, and Sarajevo Ozren which includes peaks Bukovik and Crepoljsko.

The whole region is under floral mountain pasturages and significant areas with pinewood and partly mixed forest. This region has been one of the Sarajevo citizens’ favourite excursion sites from the hikers, alpinists, speleologists to hunters. There are a number of different paths and mountain roads in the region.


Anyway, this whole area is rich with smaller and larger streams and springs of unpolluted water. One of those areas is Skakavac nature monument with a waterfall 98 meters high. The area bounds with significant natural values, unique eco-climate water regime phenomenon, high degree of biological diversity, endemic and relicts species of plants, mushrooms and animals. Opulence of wildlife hunting animals is also evident as well as the extremely valuable and rare birds.



The preservation of the Skakavac waterfall as hydrological monument has been maintained since 1954 when it was put under care of the country. The Skakavac mountain lodge will not be reconstructed according to the decision by Sarajevo Canton government because this area is protected. The Skakavac stream spring is located about 100 meters upstream from the lodge ruins. Only couple of hundred meters downstream the brook is falling down the rocky slope into deep Perački canyon. The amounts of water falling down are relatively small but they are the greatest in spring during snow-melting.


The mountain hikers built new mountain lodge under Bukovik peak after the last war, and two new mountain lodges were made on Čavljak on the southern slopes over Sarajevo. The lodges are open during weekends, holidays and on arrangement with the host. There are couple of accommodation facilities from Barice to Čavljak, and two accommodation facilities on Crepoljsko and a mountain lodge near the top. Because of the larger number of macadam and forest roads this area is suitable for mountain bike riding.


There is a radio-relay station with the permanent crew at the Bukovik peak. You can see Sarajevo and great number of mountains from the top, and in days when visibility is good you can also see Bobotov kuk (2523 masl) – the highest peak of Durmitor in Republic of Montenegro.



If you go south from the top, or cut the road leading to mountain lodge from radio-relay station and continue right in direction of Prijeka njiva (about 30 minutes) you will reach stećak tombtones (monumental medieval tombstones that lie scattered across the landscape of Bosnia-Herzegovina) necropolises. The stećak tombstones are right under the crossroad (1280 masl) leading to Donji Močioci and Palež at the edge of the deep canyon with the stream Lučica flowing. A couple of stećak tombstones are decorated with interesting ornaments.


You can visit the Lučica waterfall under Gradina (1180 masl) near the stećak tombstones. The waterfall is of modest height and amount of water but the ambience surrounding it makes the atmosphere special and certainly deserves the visit, especial during spring. It takes about 30 minutes walk from the stećak tombstones to reach the waterfall.



The tour around the area can be continued by visiting Čardak plateau (1350 masl) which is bounded by vertical rock from one side. There is a good belvedere view of Sarajevo and surrounding mountains from the top of the rock. A deep canyon of Nahorevo spring is located under the rocks and you can reach its spring in about 15 minutes from the belvedere. The Nahorevo spring is also known under name Sedam vrela (seven springs) at 1250 masl and a couple of them were buried by Bijela stijena rock creep.

When we talk about the Crepoljsko tour route there is pothole at about 1200 masl which is more than 200 meters deep. The pothole got the name after jackdaws living inside. You will first see the peak of Crepoljsko from Pjeskovita ravan (1370 masl). Anyway, after you reach the top dominating in the area, about twenty mountains is in field of vision from Romanija in the East to Vlašić in the West.


Written by: Almir Terzić


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