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tours are designed for mountaineers who want to reach the peak in Bosnia and Herzegovina so thay can hit a stamp in Mountaineer Diary beside a name of peak and write a name in notebook on the summit.

Tour Observatory (Mt.Bjelasnica highest peak)


  • Mountain: Bjelasnica
  • Days offered: Any day of the week
  • Category: Hiking & Reaching a Peak
  • Total Walking Hours: 2,5
  • Altitude difference: 811 meters (2660 ft)
  • Departure: 08:00 AM (We will pick you up anywhere in Sarajevo)
  • Estimated Time of Return: 19:00 Sarajevo
  • What to Bring: Sturdy shoes for Hiking (Climbing boots) are highly recommended, long trousers, at least 1,5 liter of water (not juice), sandwiches, day pack, (fruits, nuts, chocolate), wind jacket (anorak) or rain wear, sun cream with a sun protection factor (SPF), sun hat and camera.
  • In This Tour is Included: Transport from Sarajevo and back, coffee/tea, one English speaking, fully- equipped and experienced guide. Option: lunch in Babin Do after tour. Recommendation: bring your own food.

Babin do – 1256 masl (4120 ft)
Tour starts from sports and recreation center in Babin Do. We will start an easy hike towards “Stini do” and "House of Hope." There follows a short break after which we embark on a climb to the top. The name of Bjelasnica was given because of the snow which remains very long here, the characteristic harsh climate and the many white stones on Bjelasnica.

Peak Observatory - 2067 m altitude (6781 ft)
Bjelasnica is definitely the most popular "Sarajevo’s" mountain and all experienced mountaineers climbed peak Observatory.

Like all the peaks over 2000 meters peak Observatory is not covered (no vegetation). The mountain is known to be very cold during the winter. The highest peak of Mt. Bjelasnica is known for very strong winds that sometimes in the winter months, reach hurricane strength and speed of over 100 km/h (62 mph). This happens primarily because this is a meeting point of Mediterranean and continental currents and is also the place where the winds occurring. Fortunately this problem is easy to avoid by following to weather forecasts.

Given that this place has interesting weather, during Austro-Hungarian rule in 1894a weather observatory was built as the very top of the mountain. So this peak was named the Observatory. Therefore we can say that this is one of the few BH peaks where an individual is present 365 days a year.

Within the meteorological station on the ground floor is a room assigned to hikers for rest. At the top follows longer rest and refreshment. There is also a visitor’s book and stamp for those who want to enroll this hike. From the summit of Bjelasnica stretches a beautiful view of the surrounding mountains. If the weather is nice you can see even Sarajevo. It’s possible to see Alpine daw close to the summit. At the top there are two more buildings; a broadcasting tower which was demolished in the last war and a ski lift station that was also destroyed. Near the peak there is a monument to seven climbers who were frozen in a blizzard of December 1962. Near this monument is the tomb of the first meteorologist Anthony Obermüller. He worked in this first high-altitude station in the Balkans from 1894 to 1897.

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